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But Will There Be a Kiddish?

But will there be a kiddish?

Nu, Toivim Hahsnayim Min Hoechod (two are better than one), so says Shlomo Hamelech (King Solomon)- don’t you know anything?

This coming Friday night and Shabbis, Lawrence will have not one, but two Scholars and all within walking distance. All Oisvorf readers, even closeted, are avada urged to attend either venue. It so happens that the Oisvorfer is co-sponsoring Rabbi Slifkin (aka: the Zoo Rabbi) at Beth Sholom and his chaverim Boruch and Esther Weinstein are co-sponsoring, along with their in-laws (who are mistama paying their shares at least), Rabbi Dr. Adam Ferziger at YILC.

Rabbi Slifkin can be heard and seen at Beth Sholom as follows:

Friday 8PM- Topic- One People, Two Worlds: Rationalists and Mystics

Shabbis: 11AM- Topic- Battle for Beit Shemesh: the Evolution of Charedim

Shabbis (still) 5PM – Topic – The animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought: the Dynamics of Controversy


Rabbi Dr. Ferziger can be heard and seen at YILC as follows:


Friday 8:15PM- Topic- Halacha and the Non-Observant Jew in Historical Perspective

Shabbis following Musaf-Topic- My Hated Beloved Brothers: Rav Kook Confronts the Limits of Tolerance

Shabbis 5:20PM- Between Flashpoints and Flash Mobs: the Battle for Beit Shemesh and the Roots of Contemporary Charedi/non-Charedi Conflicts.

– See more at: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:_0NCa3i4AlsJ:toirahruv.com/but-will-there-be-a-kiddish/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk#sthash.mLuGMCUr.dpuf

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