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Oisvorfer Speeches & Music

Dancing with Moshe Margareten
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Here’s a six-minute snippet of a 38-minute speech given by the Oisvorfer Yitz Grossman in honor of the Sheva Brochis of Yali and Josh Levy.


A Musical Evening With Abie Rotenberg, Baruch Levine & Shlomo Simcha – at Yitz Grossman‘s Home.

Please watch the unforgettable video below:

Featuring:  Abie Rotenberg on piano, Baruch Levine on guitar, Shlomo Simcha on the mic, and Yaakov Zeines on keyboard.

Take a journey into the world of Abie Rotenberg, the composer of timeless songs in classic albums including Journeys, D’veykus, Marvelous Midos Machine, Aish, and Lev V’nefesh. Along the ride you will experience the compositions of Baruch Levine, the musical genius behind the kumzits classics V’zakeni, V’hu Keili, and many others. If that wasn’t enough, you will also enjoy Shlomo Simcha’s sweets yet powerful vocals that flavor the music with luscious harmonies that will surely move your soul.

The Speeches:

Hosted by Yitz and Lisa Grossman