Weekly Parsha Review Laced with Humor and Sarcasm from The Oisvorfer Ruv

Our Toirah

Raboyseyee: my Toirah review is mamish real.  Though delivered with doses (even heavy at times), filled with humor, wit  and sarcasm, the content is all there and can be found if only  any of you giferlich Oisvorfs would  take the time and look into a few Seforim.  The Ruv is not re-writing the heylige Toirah – rather – he’s teaching it in a way that’s pleasurable and leaves you thirsty to learn even more.

Nu.. for most of you, even a little parsha review is a lot more than you learned while in Yeshiva.  Why?  Because you were an Oisvorf, a bum mamish!  Enjoy-