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Disruption and Chaos

Raboyseyee and Ladies,

Disruption and Chaos:

A post from the Oisvorfer on a Tuesday morning? What’s pshat? Pshat is the world is in turmoil.

Last week the Oisvorfer gave a shtikel plug to a Pesach program scheduled to operate out of Danbury, CT. Whether or not that program will remain open will be decided in the coming days based on events and proclamations from authorities.  In the meantime, for those spending Pesach at home, for those who want mamish delicious cuisine for their Pesach Seders and other meals, this morning, the Oisvorfer is pleased to give a (free always) shout out and plug (also always free) to chaver Chaim Richter of Richter Caterers who has graciously extended his deadline for Pesach orders for a few more days in order to accommodate those whose plans have either become, or may still be disrupted. He may even –upon request-  forward the bill to those who were going to sponsor your Pesach getaway; why should you be out of pocket?

Of course many already know of Chaim and his delicacies, ober if you are new to Richter Caterers, check out his menu and place your orders now. Why wait on line to enter the kosher supermarket? Call Chaim today at (718) 258-2699.  Find him on various social media. Or, check out his expanded menus here.

The Oisvorfer will be back on Thursday with his parsha review and a few random thoughts on the corona virus sweeping the world. Seemingly the RBSO has decided to let everyone know He’s around and in charge. In the meantime, stay healthy.

The Heylige Oisvorfer Ruv

Yitz Grossman

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